QUEEN IN GOLD Flash Pack (25 Envelopes) - Envelopes by Olympia

QUEEN IN GOLD Flash Pack (25 Envelopes)

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Pack contain 25 envelopes. 

The Queen, inspired by The Great Gatsby, and the undeniable beauty of extravagant parties held in gardens that glisten amongst the moonlight, is the perfect first impression to a formal celebration or reception that is to unfold into the night. With it's dark envelope, lined with a gilded rose, it's extraordinary and not-so sweet take on floral stationery is romantic, slightly mysterious and decadent, displaying itself as both feminine and masculine. Perfect to house your wedding suite or celebration invitation that will leave a lasting impression on the receiver and a lingering excitement of what's to follow.

Pair With: Perfectly paired with gold accents - custom foiling, sticker or wax to seal, handwritten metallic calligraphy.

Size: 160mm x 160mm, Stock Weight: 140gsm