The Apartment by The Line Pt. II

For those that have followed my design journey for a while now, would have picked up on my constant shift in style. With that in mind, years later, I still find myself lusting over The Line, and the relaxed luxury vibe that it extrudes. It's a monochromatic haven, full of textures, metallics and mixed materials that I can't see myself falling out of love with anytime soon. I have always been a big advocate of a minimalist interior, with clean lines, warm palettes that can take you from season to season, and a touch of colour in items that can easily be replaced as your style shifts.  

The Apartment by The Line Pt. II in Los Angeles, founded by Vanessa Traina, Morgan Wendelborn & Adam Pritzker is the second physical manifestation of it's kind, the first located in New York City's SOHO, and isn't your traditional brick & mortar retailer. The apartment, styled to perfection though remnant of a manicured home allows shoppers to discover items and imagine everything in context, rather than amongst an eclectic mix of homewares merchandised in a traditional retail manner. 

Everything in the apartment is for sale, see it, fall in love, and it's available to make yours. The careful curation of products are lust-worthy, and can be experienced first hand or virtually on their online store. A perfect blend of retail and genuine experience, inspiring those with a non-visual mind to dream up their own interior spaces with ease.

I can't wait to visit both Apartments, it's on the wishlist for next year! I would love to hear what you do in your space to ensure it is timeless and surpasses trends? 

Experience the apartment 

The Apartment: 2nd Floor, 8463 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069
The Apartment Online: The Apartment LA
Images: Viventium Design

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