My Creative Space: Winter Edition

I welcomed Eden from De Fleur into my studio space recently to capture it in it's Winter state. 

Ever wondered what the inside of the Olympia studio looks like in the colder months of the year? Pair it back and strip it from colour and florals, and there you have it. Maybe add a few too many cups of coffee, tea, milo and it's getting more accurate. 

As a creative, the space I work in has a considerable impact on my productivity, my creative flow of ideas and my mood, so it is really important for me to change up my space season to season.

For me in the Winter months it's all about making my space feel clean and cosy. A beautiful new scent to burn, a new flavoured tea to brew, and a routine to follow. The later is the most crucial for me. In Winter, I find my motivation isn't quite up there as it is in Summer and Spring, partly because I really struggle with getting up in the morning (who wants to leave the warmth of their doona on a freezing cold morning?) so I find I need to have something lined up that will excite me and have me jumping out of bed for, and this is where my routine comes in handy. 

I try to do my exercise in the afternoon in the cooler months, so that as soon as I wake I can jump out of bed to the thought of making a bowl of warm porridge. And for me, this truly works! As soon as my eyes are open, I'm excited to make breakfast and start my day. Once I have sat down with my porridge and read a few pages of an inspirational book, I then brew a cup of tea, pull the curtains, light my candle, and sit down to tackle emails. After the emails are actioned, I put together my 'to do' list for the day and make sure the temperature is perfect in the room before I get stuck into design work and daily tasks. 

Next winter, I would love to invest in a new chair and add a beautiful fur in a neutral musky tone to add a little more warmth to the space! 

All Images by De Fleur Creative 




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