How to be blissfully unaware of others



a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something or an uncertain outcome.

If you are in the creative industry, a bride-to-be, starting your own business, buying a house, starting a family - whatever point you are in your life, there is a good chance you are well aware of what others are doing, and it's not only time to stop worrying about what others are doing, it's time to stop comparing yourself to others, too.

With social media channels being checked by individuals on the daily, scrolling to view the lives of others, their competition, those they look up to and admire - whether you are aware or not, it is starting to have an overall impact on your mood, and in turn your internal happiness.

Being in the creative industry is hard, and even that is under exaggerating. You come up with a unique and individual idea, design or concept, proud to share it with the world and within days your heart sinks when screen-shots fill your inbox, or worse, you scroll past an exact replica on your own feed from someone you follow and support. Or your hard work has been shared without credit. We've all been there, and it gets us down sure, but the more we buy into the world of caring, the more it eats away at our happiness and anxiety levels are building in the background. Confronting the issue head on is one way to go about it, but it could actually make the issue (and your anxiety levels) worse. So do what feels right, but always ensure it doesn't consume your headspace or time for too long, and know that confrontation is not always the best solution. Weigh up your options and if you do choose to confront, always be kind.

Planning a wedding is hard, and that too is an under exaggeration. Dealing with guests lists blowing out of proportion, trying to live up to that dream wedding you have saved on Pinterest (even though your budget isn't allowing for it) or convincing your husband to be that you need that ridiculously expensive wedding dress and if you have to live in a tent the rest of your life at least you'll be able to look back at your wedding pictures and smile. But will you look back and smile? Or were you simply wanting that dress to impress and compete with others? It's important to remember your wedding is not a competition. Working with brides on a daily basis I find a lot of brides do feel the pressure and fall into this trap, as now more than ever their weddings are on show for everyone to see thanks to the rise in public social media accounts. However it's important to remember your wedding is a celebration of your love for your partner, so no matter how big or small, ensure you are staying true to you and what makes you happy, and never forget what the celebration is actually about.

Over the past six months I have practised being blissfully unaware - to focus on and put all my energy into my own path. It's like yoga or pilates - the longer you practise the stronger you become.

It's the same story for "buying things you don't need, with money you don't have, to impress people you don't even know" - Walter Slezak

It's nice to have nice things, but it's important not to live beyond your means and most certainly "don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle" (or chapter 45) - Tim Hiller

Where you are at in life, in business and financially is your own story, and the worst thing you can do is wish for someone else's life, or think you are failing at either if you aren't at where someone else is. 

Social media and the internet are wonderful, but they can be a facade, and people can portray and put out there what they choose to. Remember that just because a couple doesn't announce their love on the internet, does not mean they don't have a great and healthy relationship. Just because a business has 100k following on instagram, does not always mean they are turning over a profit.

Over the past six months I have practised being blissfully unaware - to focus on and put all my energy into my own path. It's like yoga or pilates - the longer you practise the stronger you become. I have seen it have a huge impact on my wellbeing, my relationship and my friendships and wanted to being attention to the concept. Making the conscious decision to eliminate habits and things that are toxic and negative from your life, that take up time, cause you to not feel adequate or get you all worked up - and trust me, you'll thank yourself for it later.

Here is a list I put together that I refer back to regularly to keep me on track:

  1. Remember it's not what you have in life, but who you have in your life that really matters. When you are feeling down or anxious surround yourself with those who care 
  2. Remove accounts that give you feelings of anxiety, and make sure you are not checking them on a regular basis. Have days of not looking what anyone else is up to at all, and instead focussing on your own path.
  3. Know that everyone has a story and may be going through something you don't know about. Even if you feel the need to confront a situation that's present, always be kind.
  4. Express what you are feeling to those close to you, but don't let it become a lingering feeling, let it all out and then make a conscious effort to move on. 
  5. Be postive about others success, support and be happy for others. When you are at that point wouldn't you want people to do the same? 
  6. Be thankful and show gratitude for all that is good in your life, it's those little things combined that result in true happiness. 
  7. Make time for things you love and that give you joy. "I'm too busy" should never be an excuse, (I'm guilty!) but you need to place importance on your health and wellbeing and have a daily activity that takes your mind off the daily grind
  8. Know that 'getting over' something is not always easy, and sometimes the anxiety and blues can linger without you knowing why. If you aren't sure what has got you in a black hole and you have an overwhelming sense of anxiety it's best to chat to a professional about ways you can work through it. There are also some great resources out there to help if you're finding it tough to eliminate anxiety: Head Space Headspace App Beyond Blue


  • Stefani

    Thank you so much for this :) Such a lovely post and I really enjoy your insight.

  • Elle

    Thank you so much for sharing this! A great read and so true!

  • alex

    Thanks for sharing! I saw you post a snippet of this on your insta and I couldn’t wait to read and you didn’t disappoint :) You’re killing it! Keep it up!

  • Danielle

    I loved that I stumbled across this blog post of yours. I’m currently in the process of rebranding my jewellery business and I I have defiantly sensed feeling of anxiety creep into my life. Reading your blog makes me realise that I have been looking too hard at what others are doing and second guessing my direction. I think it’s time for me to begin my practice of becoming blissfully unaware. Thanks for sharing ??

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