An Arch Obsession - By Quincoces-Dragò

Recently I have been dreaming up what I would like my forever home to look like. Lets start with the fact that I change my favourite colour daily, and although I would say I have a strong sense of personal style, I'm not quite sure that I'm at the stage where I could arrange a colour palette, furniture and finishings into a home with confidence that I wouldn't turn around in a years time and regret my decisions! So, recently I have been gathering inspiration of interiors that I love and making points about why I love them. It has been a great little project of discovery for me, as I am able to reflect and draw parallels and similarities in the photos that I saved a year ago. Some I have looked back on and am still head over heels in love with, whilst others I look at and think - Really Olivia?!

They say if you wish to get a tattoo, the best thing to do is stick it up on your fridge for a few months so that you are exposed to it and look at it often. I'm trying to apply this same theory to interiors. I'll keep you posted on my progress - but in the meantime you can follow all of my inspiration to date here

Currently obsessed with this beautiful Apartment in Roma! Natural light, archways, texture and bold statements pieces. Tick, Tick, Tick!

I would love to know your favourite online go-to's for Interior Inspiration?

All images by Quincoces-Dragò & Partners

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